With its 60's throwback architecture, the small town of St. John’s is a place in need of fixing – a run-down island, lost in a fast-paced 21st Century media-saturated sea.

But the town's centerpiece is a magnificent suspension bridge. With its cathedral-like arches and a Gothic aura, the bridge perfectly symbolizes the juxtaposition between reality and magic, the physical and the spiritual, life and death. But beyond the symbolic, the bridge connects these opposites in the physical world. It spans both an industrial wasteland and the Willamette River, connecting the town to a dark and mysterious forest on the 'other side' of the river.

It is from this 'other side' that Sherman enters the town and begins a journey that will change its inhabitants. It is in crossing the bridge back into the forest that Douglas attempts to help Sherman escape the mob clamoring for his miracles. And it is on this bridge that Sherman delivers his final message – standing on the edge of the void at the bridge's apex halfway between magic and reality, he leaves us perhaps a bit unsure whether to believe in a magical or realistic interpretation of the story we just witnessed.

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