Everybody wants Sherman Olney for his uncanny ability to fix things. Then he fixes somebody’s dead wife.

This is the story about a homeless drifter who has an uncanny ability to fix things. You name it, Sherman Olney can fix it: chain saws, curling irons, clarinets, even squeaky shoes. But like a man on the run, Sherman always keeps his head down.

When Douglas Langley rescues him from two muggers behind his deli, Sherman returns the favor by fixing the hapless shopkeeper’s failing freezer – with a stick of Juicy Fruit gum. So Douglas hires him on the spot and gives him a place to live above his shop.

It isn’t long before the locals learn about Douglas’ new handyman, and business picks up – Douglas, fixing corned-beefs-on-rye; Sherman, fixing one broken thing after another.

But one day, Sherman fixes little Loomis Rump’s remote-controlled monster truck. The kid accidentally drives the toy into heavy traffic, causing a four-car pile-up that traps him beneath a Mini Cooper as it bursts into flames. Through sheer mechanical ingenuity, Sherman sets in motion a chain reaction that untangles the cars and causes a fire hydrant to douse the flames just before the car explodes – as he drags the boy out from the jaws of death.

That’s the precise moment that UPS driver Mara DeMayo falls in love with the mysterious man with a magical gift.

Word spreads, and people come from far and wide for Sherman’s fix. The more they come, the more he moves from fixing their things to fixing their problems: taxes, parking tickets, marriages, even crooked teeth.

Then Sherman brings someone back from the dead, and his unthinkable act turns Mara’s world (and everyone else’s) upside down … as a media-frenzied mob descends on the town.

Now we know why Sherman’s on the run: once they know what he can do, everybody wants a piece of him. So with Douglas and Mara’s help, Sherman must escape the mob – and the chase is on.

Imagine a scene from the Dark Ages: a misunderstood saint pursued by a desperate mob wielding torches in the dead of night. How would such a scene play out in 2012?

A thousand people (not to mention scores of TV crews, helicopters, and emergency vehicles) converge on a lonely bridge high above the murky river that splits the town in two. They’re all after Sherman. They all want his fix.

But Sherman has a one final fix that will surprise them all.

Screenplay by David Poulshock
Adapted from the short story by Percival Everett
WGA # 1096994
© 2008 by Fix Features, LLC

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